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Credibility, Integrity, Adaptability

Access our national team of highly skilled, experienced and accredited investigators.

VSG has a national team of over 60 government accredited, security cleared investigators.

Our team has extensive experience conducting investigations for the Australian Government, Australian Defence Force (ADF), State and Federal Police Departments, and various corporate organisations. All of our investigators have inter-agency investigative experience and possess a Certificate IV Government (Investigation) or higher.

We take pride in providing clients with comprehensive investigative services in line with Australian and international standards, and utilise security cleared investigative personnel to ensure our team has a high level of integrity.

A highly qualified & experienced team

Our diverse team of investigators have careers spanning everything from misconduct, fraud, and corruption investigations, code of conduct reviews, and crime and corruption commissions. These investigations have been conducted on behalf of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Australian Federal Police, Queensland Department of Education, Australian Defence Force Investigative Service, Australian Border Force, Australian Sports Authority, Australian Taxation Department, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Department of Public Prosecutions and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Justice.

This experience has given our team the capability to provide holistic investigative services, make recommendations on any findings, provide prosecutorial support, offer recommendations and assist you in finalizing an ongoing investigation. Collectively, our team have a combined 630 years of investigative experience across a broad range of complex investigations across government and private sectors.

Team qualifications

Our team is highly qualified and accredited and possess:

  • Australian Federal Police Search & Seizure accreditation

  • Australian Federal Police Evidentiary & Court Procedures accreditation

  • Bachelor of Laws

  • Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Psychology)

  • Certificate in Professional Negotiation & Influencing

  • Certificate IV in Government Investigations

  • Certificate IV in Government Project Management

  • Certificate IV in Investigations & Fraud Control

  • Certificate III in Clerical and Personnel Administration

  • Certificate in Forensic Examination

  • Diploma in Government (Investigations)

  • Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)

  • Diploma of Occupational Safety & Health

  • Diploma of Policing (Investigations)

  • Diploma of Public Safety

  • Diploma of Legal Practice

  • Diploma of Security & Risk Management

  • Electronic Surveillance Training

  • Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training

  • Leadership in Government - Managing Conflict Accreditation

  • Master Security License

  • Masters of Policing

  • Masters of Investigations

  • Unrestricted Legal Practicing Certificate

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Investigative methodologies

VSG’s investigative process is based on the United Nations Investigative and Auditing Standards to ensure that our investigators operate to the highest level.

We undertake the following steps when conducting an investigation:

  • Information Screening

  • Investigation Assessment

  • Investigation (Covert or Overt)

  • Finalisation and Reporting

All investigative services we provide are comprehensively documented with a thorough level of diligence occurring before a conclusion is reached. Regular contact is maintained with you throughout the investigative process, and an investigation timeline and plan are developed in conjunction with you once we have been briefed.

Each step of the investigation is documented to ensure continuity and accountability throughout. This also provides you with visibility over the investigative process and how we reached our conclusion. Our team are individually held under non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout and on-going.

We are capable of conducting investigations on an individual or team basis and our investigative personnel have participated in various misconduct, fraud, Crime and Corruption Task Forces, government and corporate investigative teams.

Our standards

Our investigative personnel adhere to the following government and legal standards:

  • Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS)

  • Australian Privacy Principles

  • Australian Public Service Commission Handling Misconduct Guide

  • Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework

  • Defence Accountable Authority Instructions

  • Australian Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 (Cth)

  • Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth)

  • Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth)

  • United Nations Office of Audit and Investigations Guidelines

Our investigative services include:

  • End-to-end Government Investigations

  • Misconduct, Fraud and Corruption Investigations

  • Preliminary Assessments

  • Code of Conduct Reviews

  • Witness and Complainant Statements

  • Conducting In-person Interviews

  • Preparing Investigation Reports

  • Drafting Policy Recommendations

  • Dispute Resolution Support

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Field Operations

  • Due Diligence & Background Checks

  • Overt and Covert Surveillance & Investigative Support

  • Counter Surveillance