The Lifeblood of Australia’s Sovereign Industrial Capability

Help solve some of Australia’s most complex problems

Engineering is one of the drivers of industry and innovation. We pride ourselves in providing personnel that help design infrastructure, assets, networks, systems and processes for key government departments and corporate clients. We frequently recruit for the following roles:

Software Engineering

Apply your design and development skills to create computer software. Software engineers are in demand across a range of industries, from professional services through to government and defence.

Systems Engineering

Utilise your multidisciplinary management and engineering skills to provide solutions to complex systems to ensure a high level of infrastructure availability.

Network Engineering

Be a key player in the management, creation and maintenance of company’s network systems.

Project Engineering

Plan, organise and oversee the management and engineering of technical projects. Facilitate a pivotal role in some of Australia’s biggest developments.

Electronics Engineering

Play a key part of the development, maintenance and ideation of existing, novel and groundbreaking electronic equipment, with opportunities applied across a wide range of industries.

Mechanical Engineering

From structures to automotive, mechanical engineers make pivotal design and implementation decisions for Australia’s key industries like automotive, construction and architecture.

Electrical Engineering

Play a vital part in the safe and effective utilisation of electricity in facilities, infrastructure, transport, and machinery.

Information Engineering

Also known as Data Engineering, this industry is a niche part of software, where a data engineer designs, implements and refines IT and information systems.

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