Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Join the fifth domain of warfare

Cyber Security is critical now more than ever.

Cyber security is the fastest growing and emerging sector within Australia and the global economy. As technology advances, so does the attack surface for government and corporate organisations. Vertical Scope Group (VSG) specialise in providing exciting cyber security roles, and have had the privilege of working with the government agencies responsible for securing Australia’s key Information, Technology and Communications (ICT) infrastructure. We regularly provide cyber security professionals and experts to corporate clients and were recently tasked with assisting a Tier 1 international client is establishing a Security Operations Center (SOC) overseas.

We are constantly on the lookout for talent across a wide range of cyber roles to expand our growing pool of experienced candidates, ready to apply for some of the most important and pivotal roles in keeping Government, Defence and private sector companies safe. Some of the roles we actively recruit for are:

Cyber Architect

Create the governing structures that protect online information, commercially sensitive and personal information, programs, and software. Suitable for individuals who enjoy the big-picture concepts around security and strategy.

Information Security Analyst

Who create frontline defenses against cyber-attacks. You’ll provide support via firewalls and encryptions, and monitor systems for activity that may be unusual or threaten security.

Computer Forensic Analysts

Who utilise their skills to work with law enforcement to uncover elements of cybercrime by interpreting data, locating and analyzing records, and accessing hidden or deleted information.

Ethical Hacker

Who (when certified) provide a service that emulates attacks and breaches by ‘black hat’ hackers. Your role involves attempting to infiltrate systems in order to provide more guidance to weak security areas.

Chief Information Security Officer

Ideal for those who look to combine their management skills with cyber skills. You’ll organise the IT security operations and provide planning, coordinating and direction for your company’s network and data security needs.

You can learn more about our current cyber job opportunities below:

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