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Referral Program

$1,000 Referral Program

Refer a highly skilled individual with a security clearance

Vertical Scope Group (VSG) are a network focused business who strive to attract the best available talent in the market. We want to actively encourage and reward our network for referring in demand and high calibre candidates to us so if you know someone who needs our assistance, could fill one of our live jobs or is simply exceptional, please refer them to us and you may be eligible to receive our referral bonus.

If you refer them and they are successfully placed, you will receive a generous $1,000 EFTPOS Gift Card.

How to Refer a Candidate

Complete and submit the referral form below to make a referral:

Terms and Conditions

Vertical Scope Group referral bonus will be issued to you when:

  1. a referred candidate is successfully hired for a permanent position or referred candidate is successfully employed for a causal or contract position which is equal or greater than six months in duration; and

  2. they have successfully completed their probation period which is usually a six-month period for permanent employment (although this can vary dependent on role), or they have completed the full duration of their contract; and

  3. VSG has been paid by our client for our services; and

  4. the person who has made the referral has obtained the written consent of the person they are referring; and

  5. the referrer has acted in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) at the time of the referral submission.

Further terms:

  1. A referred candidate must commence a role which has been organised by VSG within 12 months from the date of their referral;

  2. The selection criteria and hiring process for referred candidates will be identical to any other candidates;

  3. All information regarding the selection process will be confidential;

  4. If multiple people refer a successful candidate, the first person who made the referral will receive the referral fee;

  5. If the candidate has had any communication with VSG within the past 12 months, no referral fee will be applicable;

  6. VSG reserves the right to review and change any of the above terms at its sole discretion. Any changes to the terms take immediate effect from the date of their publication.