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Security cleared, Corporate and Government Contracting and Recruitment Agency with Multidisciplinary Sourcing Capabilities

The ability to source and hire top calibre talent in the market quickly and efficiently has never been more critical to organisations than now.

We offer our clients a full range of multidisciplinary resourcing and recruitment solutions across all positions, all domains, all levels of security clearance (Baseline / NV1 / NV2 / PV). This includes our reach across all of Australia, government, defence, academia and private sector industries.

We are equipped to proactively source (headhunt) any person for any requirement, and are experts in sourcing across Australian Government, Defence & National security, ICT, Security, Engineering, Trades and Land / Sea / Air / Space / Cyber programs.

Sourcing Methodologies for industry and government jobs and contracts

In contrast to outdated industry practices, we don’t rely on advertising. We leverage our expertise across proactive search methods, market mapping, cultivation of our own industry specific networking groups, referrals, website lead generation, referral & lead programs and our constantly growing database of registered, active and vetted candidates.

Our proven resourcing methodologies apply the latest recruitment technologies and sourcing tools, drawing upon our many years of experience in talent mapping, strategic use of open source intelligence and networking across a range of professional and social media platforms to uncover the best candidates and most qualified talent in the industry.

  • In-depth research, market mapping and thorough understanding of internal and external talent landscape builds you a carefully tailored pipeline of top talent, and establishes the best sourcing strategy for your needs.

  • Internal database of Vertical Scope registered, AGSVA cleared, active, and passive candidates.

  • Open source intelligence across online and offline platforms to efficiently and effectively target talent for time-sensitive placements.

  • Harnessing our vast networks within our industry-specific groups we have established and affiliated external memberships.

  • Utilising our strong branding and reputation across multiple social media, groups and direct referral network.

  • In-depth and call to action job advertisements across multiple and position-specific platforms.

  • Dedicated, experienced executive recruitment and sourcing team within the domain specialities.

Reach out to us here to learn more about how our strategies can assist you in finding your next hire or contractor.

Our Specialty Recruitment Areas of Expertise

Defence and National Security Jobs Australia

We strive to provide our great nation with talent that reflects the ongoing need to protect Australia against growing threats. We’re proud to offer a high level of experience and authority when it comes to Defence industry jobs and recruitment, ensuring we contribute high quality candidates and contract solutions to government and industry alike.Learn more...

Information Communications Technology - ICT Roles Australia

As the world continues to turn more and more to technology to manage key logistics and enterprises, it is essential to ensure yours is being managed by the best. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry sees constant and increasing demand, as its core functions become essential to companies across a wide range of industries.Learn more...

Cyber Roles Australia

Now known as the ‘fifth domain of warfare’, Cyber Security roles have become essential to governments and companies that require information and key activity to remain safe and secure. We work with a range of both security cleared and non security cleared Cyber specialists to provide key industries with highly qualified candidates and contractors.Learn more...

Engineering Roles Australia

​From your tangible assets through to software and management, we know that a high quality engineering team can make or break a project. Utilising the latest internet Boolean sourcing techniques and tactics, we nurture a wide pool of talent within the key arms of engineering to ensure your candidate or consultant is high quality, and an ideal fit for your requirements.
Learn more...

Global Client Recruitment

We provide international support to government, academia and industry clientele with a range of solutions across a vast range of security requirements, from security cleared and non-cleared professional services, subcontracting, contracting, training and support services.Learn more...

Position Specialities

  • Aeronautical Engineer

  • Aerospace Engineer

  • Avionics Engineer

  • Business Analyst

  • Business Development

  • Business Support

  • Combat Systems Engineer

  • Commercial Manager

  • Corporate Staff

  • Communications Engineer

  • Configuration Engineer

  • Cost Schedule Analyst

  • Cyber (extensive)

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Electronics Engineer

  • Electronics Technician

  • Engineering (extensive)

  • Engineering Manager

  • Facilities Manager

  • ICT (extensive)

  • Management

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Naval Architect

  • Network Engineer

  • Operations Manager

  • Pre-sales Professionals

  • Program / Project Manager

  • Project Scheduler

  • Project Engineer

  • QA Engineer

  • RF / Tactical Engineer

  • Radar Systems Engineer

  • Safety Engineer

  • Satellite Engineer

  • Security (Extensive)

  • Software Engineer

  • Solutions Architect

  • Structural Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • Submarine Systems

  • Systems Architecture

  • Systems Engineer

  • Systems Integration Eng.

  • Systems Testing / V&V

  • Technical Writer

  • Test Analyst

  • Test Engineer

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