Security Clearances

Expand your employment opportunities by obtaining a security clearance

How do I obtain a security clearance with Vertical Scope Group?

VSG only assist professionals that have an interest in working with us for security cleared opportunities. Interested individuals can submit an expression of interest to VSG below. Once you have registered with us, a pre-vetting application will be emailed to you for completion. Once this has been completed and evaluated, if you are successful and we accept your application, it will be forwarded to our Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) partner to manage and facilitate the security clearance process.

Who manages my application?

VSG specialises in security cleared recruitment services. We utilise a trusted DISP partner to manage and facilitate security clearance applications. Once your pre-vetting application is completed and accepted by VSG, our DISP partner manages all stages of your security clearance application, including the on-going maintenance of your clearance once finalised. Our DISP partner’s Security Officer will contact you once they have received your pre-vetting application.

What are the on-going obligations?

All security cleared individuals must notify their Security Officer (provided by our DISP partner) of any overseas travel and keep the Australian Government Vetting Agency informed of any changes in personal and work circumstances.

What is the Security Clearance Process with VSG?

Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest (found below) and CV, you will receive a notification thanking you for expressing an interest in working with us. A member of our security team will then review your application to confirm you meet the Australian Government Department of Defence’s minimum criteria to obtain a clearance.

If you meet the minimum criteria to obtain a clearance, you will receive an email with pricing information and requesting you to book a telephone interview with one of our consultants. This will enable VSG to obtain a better understanding of the types of roles you are interested in, applicable for, and whether you need a security clearance. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email.

Following your interview, you will receive a link to our detailed pre-vetting application. You must complete the application to proceed. Upon submitting your pre-vetting application, a member from our security team will review it and assess your suitability. If your application is deemed suitable by VSG, you will be issued an invoice for the facilitation of a security clearance. Once the invoice has been paid, your application is forwarded to our Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) partner.

Our DISP partner may contact you with additional questions, will screen your pre-vetting application and manage the process moving forward. At no point does VSG, or its DISP partner guarantee the success of your application. Once assessed by our DISP partner, you will be required to complete a security clearance application which will be allocated to an Assessing Officer within the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). VSG and our DISP partner provide no guarantees that AGSVA will approve your security clearance application as this is an Australian Government decision.

What information do I need to provide in the pre-vetting application?

To assess your suitability for a security clearance, VSG will require you to provide details of your current and previous circumstances, citizenship, travel history and work experience. Once the pre-vetting application has been submitted to our DISP partner, you may be required to disclose several personal documents,financial information, and corroborating evidence. You must answer all questions fully and honestly throughout the process. Some of these questions can include:

  • Full Legal Name

  • Email Address

  • Current Address and Residences

  • Citizenships

  • Education History

  • Employment History

  • Overseas Relatives (if applicable)

  • Overseas Travel (past 10 years)

  • Criminal History

  • General Questions

During your security clearance application, you may be required to provide additional documentation including a Statutory Declaration, National Police Check, Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License and proof of current and previous employment.

What is the cost and commitment?

Security clearance fees and charges vary depending on the level of clearance you are applying for. More information on pricing will be provided to individuals that submit and expression of interest. Please note that the Vetting Fees and Charges are a once off payment made to AGSVA and is a separate cost to any annual administration fees charged by VSG and our DISP partner. All fees will only be charged to you once you have successfully completed, and have had your pre-vetting application approved. All costs are non-refundable.

By using VSG to facilitate the security clearance process through our DISP partner, there is no obligation to work with either organisation and you can opt out of this service, including the annual administration fee at any time. When opting out, our DISP partner will remove the interest held in your security clearance.

Expression of Interest Application

For more information, please complete the form below and one of our consultants will get in touch.

Please carefully read our Security Clearance FAQ page before applying.