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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate Questions

Why should I use a recruiter?

Finding your dream job can be difficult, securing it can be even harder. Vertical Scope Group (VSG) can act as your advocate by utilizing our extensive experience with government, defense, and corporate clients. We manage the recruitment process end-to-end and can help you find the roles available on the hidden job market, properly prepare your CV and refine your interview skills. By using us, you give yourself the best chance of success.

What does becoming a contractor involve?

Working as a contractor is very different to being an employee. Contractors are usually self-employed which means they need an Australian Business Number (ABN), and may be responsible for their own superannuation, insurances, and taxation obligations. Typically, contractors are employed for a shorter period of time and earn a higher rate of pay in lieu of employee entitlements. To make contracting easy, all VSG contractors are covered under our professional indemnity, product liability and workers compensation insurance.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process varies on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the client’s requirements, the process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to over 6 months. VSG will keep you updated each step of the way and let you know how your application is progressing.

Should I apply for a job via the VSG website, or message you directly?

Either option! However, we priorities candidates who apply for a specific role via our website as doing so allows our consultants to readily screen your CV.

What happens when I submit my CV?

Once you submit your CV, one of our consultants will create a VSG profile for you which highlights your relevant skills, experience and education. We then use this profile to assist in determining suitable roles which are aligned to your career objectives. At all times, your personal information is treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and at any time, you can request your details to be removed/deleted from our system.

Does a robot manage my application?

No. Unlike generalist recruiters, we assign an experienced consultant to manage your application and answer your questions.

How do I keep up to date with job opportunities?

With so many different job platforms, it can be hard to target the ones you’re interested in. Register for our Job Alerts and our newsletter, The Scope to help set your sights on the latest security cleared job opportunities.

What is a security clearance, and how do I get one?

Certain government projects require individuals to possess a high level of integrity and immunity to influence or coercion. In Australia, this level of integrity is measured by a Security Clearance. A Security Clearance indicates that an individual possesses honesty, trustworthiness, maturity, resilience, tolerance and the loyalty deserving of gaining access to sensitive information. Only Australian citizens with a verifiable background are eligible for a Security Clearance. Visit our Get Cleared page to find out how VSG can assist you.

What does being a named personnel mean?

VSG frequently responds to local, state, and federal government tenders, known as Approaches to Market (ATM). As part of this process, we are required to form a team of highly skilled individuals or head-hunt individuals with the required experience and submit their details. If you are listed as named personnel, it means VSG have selected you to be represented in our tender submission.

How and when do I get paid?

VSG require all of its contractors to submit their approved timesheets and invoices within three business days of each month. Once submitted, we process your documentation and payment is made within 30 business days. Any late timesheet submissions can delay payment.

Client Questions

Why should I use a recruiter?

Having the right team is critical for success. The cost of hiring the wrong person is substantial and distracts you from achieving your goals. VSG specializes in working with client’s visions, to achieve their missions by proactively attracting, searching (head-hunting), and selecting the right person. It is our business to know the job market and we can share this knowledge with you to refine and streamline the hiring process.

How do I work with a recruiter?

VSG are here to make the recruitment process as easy as possible. We provide you with a dedicated account manager and allow you to have as much, or as little involvement in the process as you want. We have extensive experience with multinational corporations, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), government agencies and professionals. Over the past 15 years we have learned that each client needs a tailored solution when recruiting, and so we make it our mission to work with your vision. Contact one of our consultants today to see how we can form a trusted partnership to meet your workforce needs.

​What kind of roles do you recruit for?

VSG specialise in recruiting security cleared personnel across Defence and National Security, ICT, Cyber, Engineering, Trades, Security and Space domains. In the past we have sourced individuals for a number of roles ranging from Board Members, Business Analysts, Engineers, Intelligence Operatives, Project Managers and Submarine Technicians. If it requires a security clearance, we recruit for it! Recently, VSG has extended its recruitment services to assist in engaging highly skilled individuals across a range of non-cleared functions like Accounting, Finance, Compliance and Legal.

How do you recruit?

We tailor our recruitment strategy to each jobs respective domain and clearance level. Once a brief and job description has been provided by a client, our consultants develop a candidate profile and begin proactively searching for suitable individuals using market mapping techniques, targeted advertising campaigns, job boards and our existing networks. Once we have developed a short list, we conduct the relevant background checks, assessments and screening processes to give you a pool of qualified applicants.

How much do you charge?

VSG rates are based on a the Total Renumeration Package (TRP) of a particular role. Our rates vary depending on the level of clearance required and nature of the position.