Protect Key Infrastructure, Bases, Assets and People

Help provide holistic security solutions for discrete areas

Vertical Scope Group (VSG) have extensive experience providing security solutions and resources to some of Australia’s most protected sites, including the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap. Our team recruit security personnel for a range of roles including:

  • Alarm Response

  • Close Personal Protection (CPP) Support (Body Guarding)

  • Escort Guards

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Investigations

  • Static Security Guards

  • Security Advisors

  • SCEC Security Zone Consuultants

  • Site Lock up and/or Unlock

We work closely with Bullroarers Australia, an Indigenous Supply Nation Registered, Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Veteran Owned and Accredited Security and Investigations company. In partnership with Bullroarers Australia, we assist transitioning Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans, Australia’s First Peoples, the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) and First Responders (Law Enforcement, State and Federal Police etc.) to finding meaningful employment that utilises their highly honed skills.

Bullroarers Australia’s Director and Principal Neal McGarrity has extensive experience providing security services to the Australian Government, the AIC, the ADF and NSW Police Force. This experience has ranged from complex investigations, CPP, protection of foreign dignitaries and embassy, large scale security protection of economic forums and large sporting events.

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