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Finding the right fit for your skillset

At any stage in your career, you might become curious about what those hard earned and polished skills spell for your future. Are you on the right track? Is your current role serving your ambitions? Taking stock, and reassessing your needs is a great way to ensure you’ve got the skill set you need for the role you want.

Ask yourself some hard questions

Ultimately, the job you will do best is the job that fits your aptitude and passions. While all roles offer challenges, it’s important to know what elements of a role appeal to you the most, and make you feel like you are doing your best work. Before you take your next career step, start with a list of two things:

What you do well: Are you often complimented for your natural leadership, or your commitment to seeing a project completed on budget? Reflect on previous role assessments, or even ask for active feedback: Sometimes identifying your natural aptitude is easier with an unbiased third party view.

What you love to do: What parts of the job do you really enjoy? For some, it might be an “on the tools” role, while others prefer high level strategy and case management. Think about a moment in your current and past roles that have brought you the most enjoyment, and how these might intersect with what you do well.

Start with a simple search

Finding the right role, especially for roles that require security clearance, can be a matter of time, patience and demand. Identifying possibilities can be as easy as starting with a general keyword search on a job search engine site. These sites are unlikely to offer premium and exclusive opportunities, like those that we nurture, but instead may give you a list of skills that intersect with those that you are most passionate about. This is a great technique for broadening your approach to your next career move, and discovering areas to work on that might lead to an exciting path in the future.

Reach out to mentors

A mentor can be anyone who you look up to, in both life and work. Taking a moment to reach out to someone you admire is not only a great part of self development, but also hugely flattering to the person you’re reaching out to. It can be as simple as asking to meet for a cup of coffee, or buying someone lunch. Strike up the conversation about how they got to where they are now, and what their career journey looked like - you might be surprised by what you learn.

Partner with an expert

It’s no secret that partnership with a recruiter (such as Vertical Scope) can assist you in security cleared roles in Australia. The relationships recruiters like us foster with key industry leaders means we have access to not only roles and opportunities, but also key intel when it comes to positioning you for a successful contract or role placement. When you partner with a premium recruitment/contracting agency, you’re giving yourself a boost in profile, and allowing yourself to be mentored and prepared by the best, to meet your next role head on. As the African proverb goes: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Find the next step in your career with our premium job recruitment services

Vertical Scope is pleased to have on offer a range of exciting contracts and roles across ICT, defence and border security, engineering, cyber, security and trades. Working with us provides you with exclusive access to roles and contract opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and discover the next step in your professional career, reach out today on 1300 447 377 or send your CV to